This page is about any writing you'd like to share.  As I said in class, there are a few rules.

1.  Nothing - NOTHING - that is on these pages may be shared outside of this class.  If you'd prefer not to put anything here until I can get a password attached, I'm fine with that.  You can bring printed material to class for sharing for now, if you'd like.

2.  Everything shared on this or the other website MUST be rated no more than PG-13.  We don't usually have any minors in this class, but I often have members who are uncomfortable with certain words, excessive violence or graphic sex.  I would prefer that, if you are not sure what PG-13 constitutes, that you contact me and I'll try to help you decide.  If we can't 'tone it down', I may have to ask that you not post it, or to post with a warning.

3.  Comments on other's writings are welcome, but they must BE NICE!  Remember that, even if you think that something that is shared is horrible, it still was someone's hard work and opening of a vein.  Please try to find a tactful way to tell them that their baby is ugly and they dress it funny!  I'll see if I can find one of the articles I've written on critiquing - what to look for, etc. - but sometimes just a question or two can open up a dialogue, especially if the question is asked kindly with the intent of helping someone else to do better.  I personally am known as a tough critiquer, but I've not been stabbed in the back yet!

4.  Please feel free to post - even if it's only a paragraph.  Sometimes, just getting your work out there can make a huge difference in how you feel about it.  I encourage you both to write and to post - it's the only way I know to learn!